Tamil Christian Worship
பின்சந்ததிக்காக இது எழுதப்படும்; சிருஷ்டிக்கப்படும் ஜனம் கர்த்தரைத் துதிக்கும். (சங்கீதம் 102: 18)
Our Mission: To Praise and Worship our Lord in Tamil!

Our Vision: To provide lyrics for 1000 worship songs in Tamil, from traditional to comtemporary songs!

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Tamil Christian Worship Website has been developed to provide a collection of Tamil Christian Song Lyrics ( Printable Version ) & to provide a list of tamil churches around the world. To add your church name in the list, Send Your Church Link

If you would like to search for a song, Google search with the song title in Tamil, then the search results will bring out our song page. Kindly review all the song lists and if the song you are searching for is not available, send us a request and the song will be added in the website.
To send a request for Tamil Christian Song lyrics, Song Request !

Some of the songs have a link to the youtube video! Click on the title of the song in the respective song page to watch the youtube song.

Contact Us: info@tamilchristianworship.org